21. Dezember 2016

[Cover Reveal] The Secret Science of Magic

Fact: Sophia is smart. As in, certified-child-prodigy, breezing-through-uni-subjects-even-though-she’s-only-in-year-twelve smart. This terrifies her, because geniuses have a tendency to end up as recluses and weirdos – and with her current social ineptness, she’s halfway there already. 

Truth: Joshua is good at magic tricks, ignoring most things about year twelve, and not thinking at all about life after high school. 

Fact: Sophia can’t even talk to her best friend Elsie about her anxieties, because Elsie is firmly focused on her own future – and on plans that will mean leaving Sophia behind. 

Truth: Joshua has had a secret crush on Sophia since forever, but he doesn’t have forever to act on it. 

Fact: There are some things no amount of genius can prepare you for … and the messiness of the real world is one of them.

Truth: Timing is everything. 

Melissa Keil hat schon einige Contemporary Romane geschrieben, die allesamt echt süß klingen. Einen davon habe ich gelesen (Life In Outer Space) und der hat mir leider nicht so gefallen xD Ihr neuer Roman hat aber ein wirklich cooles Cover und klingt super, weshalb ich es mit der Autorin noch mal probieren möchte :D 

Erscheint am 1. April 2017 bei Egmont.

Wie gefällt euch das Cover? Würdet ihr das Buch lesen?

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